I went to Jane for help because I felt stressed and was having problems sleeping. Jane immediately put me at my ease with her friendly, calming manner and I can honestly say that after my first hypnotherapy session I felt peaceful, positive and a hundred times better than before. Jane is a wonderful listener and excellent at her craft. I particularly liked that the sessions focused on feeling better in the future, not dwelling on the past. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone looking to improve their sleep and outlook.


I really enjoyed Jane’s sessions for smoking cessation. She has a calming presence and makes you feel instantly comfortable. I can now call myself a non-smoker thanks to Jane, and although I do indulge now and again, it will never be a must for me. Jane has a supportive attitude which aided the hypnotherapy as I felt like I could completely relax into the state. It was a joy!


The sessions with Jane have been brilliant. She really took the time to understand my situation and tailor my experience so that I was able to practically apply the techniques suggested. Since the sessions, I have been more thoughtful about my thinking patterns and routine, which have really helped me to get better sleep. Not only do I have a better sleep routine, but the quality of my sleep has greatly improved. I would definitely recommend and thank you to Jane!


I had Hypnotherapy sessions with Jane during the Covid lockdown – and they became a fundamental pillar of wellbeing in my life. Alongside her sessions, which left me feeling relaxed and focused on the positives in my life, I used her recording regularly to help me sleep. I genuinely overcame sleep issues as a result of working with Jane and also felt calmer during an incredibly turbulent time. Thank you Jane!


Dear Jane, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the last ten weeks. I came to you as I wanted to focus on feeling more confident in myself, my decisions and abilities, and to have more control over my emotions. I now feel my outlook is brighter and I am feeling more positive about myself. I now give myself credit for the positive interactions and actions I choose. I am kinder to myself when things don’t pan out as I hope and am able to let the small things go. Thank you so much!